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Shock Bright The #1 Teeth Whitening Product On The Market!


Shock Bright is formulated in the U.S.A to give you fast, safe whitening from the convenience of your home. Through years of research and development, Shock Bright combines 6 of the most powerful whitening ingredients at the safest levels, leaving you with much whiter teeth with less sensitivity than any other product on the market today.   When you buy Shock Bright, you know that you are dealing with a United States Corporation, which is held to the highest standards world wide.

For a limited time ONLY we have added FREE bonus products to our already abundant whitening kits, giving you the most value you will find anywhere. Stains will begin to fade away from the very first use!  

Tanning Bed Teeth Whitening Kit

Shock Bright removes the following stains with ease:

  • Smoking
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • All Food Types
  • Natural Tooth Discoloration

5-8 Shades Whiter in 1 week Guaranteed!

Follow the instructions and apply Shock Bright 1 -2 times a day for 30-60 minute sessions for 1 full week, and you can conservatively expect to achieve similar results as the ones demonstrated below. We're so confident in the formulation we've developed over time, and the success of Shock Bright, that If you are unhappy at all with the results you achieved, simply follow our guarantee  policy for a full no hassle refund. 

best home teeth whitening products

Shockingly White Teeth With Continued Maintenance Guaranteed!

With continued use of Shock Bright Home Teeth Whitening, it is not uncommon to achieve results similar to the ones demonstrated below in as little as 2 weeks.  This is an example of using Shock Bright to get your teeth to the desired whitening shade, then continuing with  2 - 30 minute sessions weekly, whitening maintenance program.  As you can see, the results are fantastic.  

tanning bed teeth whitening kit

Shock Bright Home Teeth Whitening vs. Dental Office Whitening

This is the most asked question we receive, "How does home teeth whitening kits and products compare with teeth whitening I can get at my dentist"?  Here's an accurate comparison to help you make the choice.

Shock Bright
Dental Office
$29.95 - $49.95
$300 - $600
Very - At Home Use
Complicated - Schedule, Wait for and take time away to get to an appointment - very inconvenient
Whitening Results
5-8 Shades 1 Week
5-8 Shades 1 visit
Maintenance Whitening
NO - unless you schedule and pay again
Mobile Whitening
Extremely inconvenient, as your working around the schedule of a dental office
Yes - Split costs with a friend
NO, 1 appointment, 1 chair, 1 person

Buy Direct and Save!

Buying direct from will save you 50% on your order cost.  You will see Shock Bright advertised on many different websites and networks at full retail price. When you buy direct, you save money and receive regular discounts and offers that you won't find from a reseller anywhere else! Also, you won't find the SPECIAL BONUS products that we're currently offering, from a reseller.  You found the cheapest priced Shock Bright anywhere, Buy Direct and Save!

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Premium Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Advanced Home Teeth Whitening Kit with Teeth whtening Pens

Basic Home Teeth Whitening Kit with Teeth Whitening Gel

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